Alphabetical Index of Shorts Titles

Acme Acres Summer Olympics
Amazing Three, The
America's Least Wanted
And All That Rot
Anvil Chorus, The
Aroma Amore
Awful Orphan
Bacon Strip, A
Bag That Bunny
Bat's All Folks
Bear Necessities
Bird-Dog Afternoon
Bleacher Bummer
Boo Ha Ha
Born To Be Riled
Buffed Bunny
Bunny Daze
Buster at the Bat
Buster's Guide to Dating
Buster's Guide to Goofing Off
Buster's Guide to Part Time Jobs
Buster's New Bike
Butt Out
Buttering Up the Buttfields
Can't Buy Me Love
C Flat or B Sharp?
Class Cut Up
Class Without Class
C.L.I.D.E. and Prejudice
Compromising Principals
Cross Country Kitty
Cub for Grub, A
Dapper Diz
Day for Knight
Debutante Devil
Devil Doggie
Drawn and Buttered
Dream Date Game
Drooley Davey
Duck Dodgers Jr.
Duck out of Luck
Duck Trek
Duck in the Dark
Duck in the Muck
Easy Biter
Eating Between the Lines
Egged On Eagle
Elmyra at the Mall
Elmyra's Round the World!
Elmyra's Spring Cleaning
Falling to Pizzas
Fang You Very Much
Fit To Be Stewed
Fit To Be Toyed
Fur-Gone Conclusion
Go Fetch
Going Up
Happy Birthday Hamton
Hold the Sugar
Homeward Bound
Home Wrecker
Horn Blows At Lunchtime, The
I Was a Teenage Bunnysitter
It's a Jungle Out There
It's All Relatives
Jungle Bungle
Just-Us League of Supertoons
K-9 Kitty
Kite, The
Kitty Cat-astrophe
Lame Joke
Learning Principal, The
Let's Do Lunch
Lifeguard Lunacy
Lifestyles of the Rich and Rotten
Lil Sneezer
Little Cake of Horrors
Little Dog Lost
Loon Lake
Love Among the Toons
Love Stinks
Maid to Re-Order
Migrant Mallard
Milk, It Makes a Body Spout
Miniature Goof
Minister Golf
Mr. Popular's Rules of Cool
My Brilliant Revenge!
My Dinner with Elmyra
Never Too Late To Loon
Night In Kokomo, A
No Deposit, No Return of the Trash Bag Dispenser
Nothing To Sneeze At
Oh For Arts Sake
Once Upon a Star
One Beer
One Minute Till Three
Open and Shut Case
Optical Intrusion
Out of Odor
Paper Trained
Party Crasher Plucky
Pasadena Jones
Phone Call from the 405
Piece of Mind
Pigment of his Imagination, A
Pit Bullied
Pluck o' the Irish
Plucky's Dastardly Deed
Potty Years, The
Raven, The
Re-Return of the Toxic Revenger, The
Real Kids Don't Like Broccoli
Rear Window Pain
Rent a Friend
Return of Plucky Twacy, The
Return of the Toxic Revenger, The
Robin Hare
Roches, The
Ruffled Ruffee
Scentimental Pig
Senserely Yours, Babs
Slaughterhouse Jive
Sleight of Hare
Sound Off
Stand-Up and Deliver
Sticky Feathers Duck
Strung Along Kitty
Teddy Bears Picnic
Tennis the Menace
That's Art, Folks!
That's Incredibly Stupid
To Babs or Not To Babs
To Bleep or Not To Bleep
Turtle Hurdle
Undersea World of Fifi, The
Venison Anyone?
Wait Till Your Father Gets Even
Walk on the Flip Side, A
Waste Deep in Wackyland
Weird Couple, The
What's Up Nurse?
When You're Hot
Whining Out
Whirlwind Romance
Why Dizzy Can't Read
Wild Takes Class
Win, Lose, or Kerplowie
Working Pig
Year Book Star, The